12-13 / 2017

Welcome the visit of Mr Geert

In the morning of November 23th, 2016, we recepet Mr Geert from Belgium,who is interested in our activated carbon factory in NingXia. Mr. Geert has a rich experience inpurchasing lots of raw materials, whose company is committed to air pollution control system and development, ranking very important position in the field of air equipment and purification systems in the world.

Our chief Andy took Mr Geert to our NingXia activated carbon plant. , including our workshop, instrument room, warehouses and other front-line production base. Andy explain the production process and testing process of activated carbon to Mr Geert. The trip went on well, Mr. Geert was very satisfied with our products activated carbon. Thanks to the trust of Mr. Geerat . Once again welcomed the visit of Mr. Geerat.

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