12-13 / 2017

Attention of Activated carbon adsorbent issues

Activated carbon adsorbent principle,When you buy activated carbon, you should be aware of  the following six issues:

Ⅰ  the properties of activated carbon adsorbent

The larger the surface area is , the greater the adsorption capacity will be. Activated carbon is non-polar molecules, and it easily adsorbed adsorbate non-polar or polar low. The adsorbent particle size of activated carbon, structure, distribution of pores and surface chemical properties also have a great influence on the adsorption.

Ⅱ the properties of adsorpbent

It depends on their solubility, surface free energy, polarity, size adsorbate molecules, unsaturated degree.

Ⅲ  PH value of waste water

Activated carbon has a higher adsorption rate in the acidic solution than in alkaline solution .

PH value can affect the adsorbate state and the solubility in the presence of water and so on, then it affects the absorption.

Ⅳ coexisting substance

When many kinds of adsorption coexist, the adsorption capacity of activated carbon for a certain quality is inferior to the adsorption capacity of the one containing the substance.

Ⅴ temperature

Temperature has less adsorption effect on activated carbon

Ⅵ contacting time

Make sure a certain contacting time of the activated carbon and the adsorption. Make the adsorption be closed to balance and take advantage of its adsorption capacity.

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