Air is an essential matter for human survival, however as the result of human production and activities, air is badly polluted and directly threatening human health. As such, air purification is one of the most important tasks of environmental management. Common gas treatment includes the absorption of dioxin generated from waste incineration, the removal of nitrides and sulfides from flue gas generated in steel plants and power plants, air purification, separation, refinement and recycling etc.

Dioxide generated in waste incineration may enter the human body by water, air and vegetables grew on polluted soil and cause severe harm to human health by triggering thymic atrophy in all animals, damaged cellular immunity and functions, thus adding the cancer risks. The harmless waste treatment has become a universal issue of human being, and so far waste incineration has become the one of the most popular treatment methods of urban waste. With the incineration method, wastes are converted into energy, which saves the land use and can effectively eliminate various pathogens and convert toxic and hazardous matters into harmless matters. Our activated carbon products can effectively absorb the heavy metals, dioxin and furan generated in waste incineration, and can also reduce the waste gas emission and effectively improve air quality.

Our activated carbon products are produced by adopting advanced technologies in China that help to improve the absorption capacity of activated carbon. Our products can not only effectively remove the sulfur dioxide, oxynitrides and hydrogen sulfide from the waste gas, but also can absorb and eliminate the indoor chemical contaminants such as formaldehyde, benzene and homologous compounds, ammonia, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and cooking fumes.












   Loading Density g/l   Surface Area ㎡/g

   Benzene Adsorption


3mm 5 12 95 700-1100 30-90 450±50 700 17-50
4mm 5 12 95 700-1100 30-90 450±50 700 17-50
5mm 5 12 95 700-1100 30-90 450±50 700 17-50
4*8Mesh 5 15 95 850-1100 30-80 450±50 850 17-45
6*12Mesh 5 15 95 850-1100 30-80 450±50 850 17-45

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