Water treatment includes water purification, potable water treatment, household sewage treatment, industrial waste water treatment and municipal water treatment. With the development of industries and agriculture and the improvement of living standards in towns and cities, industrial waste water, sewage and pesticides are causing the increasing pollution to the potable water. Our granular activated carbon from coal has advanced cellular structure and specific surface area, and provides strong absorption capacity of organic pollutants in water, such as benzene compounds, phenolic compounds, petroleum and petroleum products. Besides, it can effectively remove some organic pollutants that can hardly be removed by biological and chemical methods, such as chromaticity, methylene blue surfactants, herbicides, synthetic dyestuff and many artificial synthetic organics. It also has strong absorption capacity of heavy metals in water and may be used in treatment of industrial wastewater generated in electroplating and smelting operations. Activated carbon can effectively clarify muddy water and eliminate and filter the odor, smell and bacteria in water, and can effectively remove 98 percent coliform bacteria.

Item  Moisture percent Ash percent Hardness percent Iodine Value mg/g Methylene Blue mg/g Loading Density g/l Surface Area ㎡/g
8-30 Mesh <5 <12 >90 700-1050 100-200 500±50 >700
8-20 Mesh <5 <1 >90 700-1050 100-200 500±50 >700
12-40 Mesh <5 <12 >90 700-1050 100-200 500±50 >700
200 Mesh <5 <12 / 700-1000 100-180 500±50 >700
325 Mesh <5 <12 / 700-1000 100-180 500±50 >700
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