Spherical activated carbon (SAC) is a type of activated carbon in spherical shape produced from asphalt. In addition to the excellent absorption capacity, its unique forming process by smelting makes the activated carbon quite different from the ordinary wood/coal-based spherical or grain activated carbon products that are formed by binding agents.

 Application: Solvent recovery, sewage treatment, ultrapure water purification, air purification, filtering mesh in clean rooms in the semiconductor industry, in-car environment purification, catalyst carrier, refining of fine chemicals, chromatographic column carrier, etc.

ITEM Characteristic Value
Shape Sphere
Apparent density Approx 0.6g/ml
PH 6.5-8.5(can alter according to requirement)
Surface area 1,000-1,300㎡/g (BET )
Pore Volume(cm3/g) 0.49-0.56
Pore Size(nm) <3.0
(N) 10-12(can alter according to requirement)
Reduction on drying <5 percent
Iodine number 1,100-1,350mg/g
Carbon Tetrachloride Absorption Capacity 70-85 percent
Ash Content <0.5 percent (can provide product <0.05 percent )
Chloride < 0.1 percent
Sulfate < 0.05 percent
Acid Soluble Substances < 10 mg(can provide product <2mg)
Iron < 0.05 percent
Zinc < 0.02 percent
Heavy metals < 30 ppm(can provide product <10ppm)
Phenol absorption capacity 180-220mg/g
Methylene blue adsorption 200-250ml/g (GB)

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