Coal based activated carbon is produced through a series of processes, including carbonization, cooling and activation. The product has the typical black cylindrical profile. Irregular granular activated carbon is also known as broken carbon, while the cylindrical activated carbon is known as a cylindrical carbon. They both are produced from raw carbon powder and binding agents through a series of processes such as mixing, forming, carbonization and activation.

Advantages: activated carbon products have advanced pore structures, strong absorption capacity, excellent mechanical strength, absorption rate and good adaptability to short-term and emergent water pollution, besides the activated carbon is easy to regenerate and very cost-effective.

Materials: Anthracite, Bitumite

Application: Purification of toxic gas, flue gas treatment, industrial and household water purification, solvent recovery, etc.

Specification Unit Broken GranularCarbon Pelleted Carbon Powdered Carbon
Moisture percent ≤5 ≤5 ≤5
Ash <12 >95 700-1100 17-5
Iodine value mg/g 800-1050 800-1050 700-950
Methylene Blue mg/g 110-210 110-210 80-150
Surface Area ㎡/g >800 >800 >700

8*30 mesh 12*40 mesh

10-20 mesh

1.5mm2mm 3mm 4mm

100 mesh

 200 mesh 

325 mesh

CTC percent / >40 /
Hardness percent >90 >90 /
Loading Density G/L 400-550 400-550 /
Ignition Point ≥450 ≥450 ≥450
PH / 8-10 8-10 8-10

Pellet Granular Powder Spherical

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