12-13 / 2017

Charity event of Tianjin TYWH

In the morning of November 19th, in the leading of our boss, we TYWH participated in the charity named"good morning baby, care for children" .   Our company donate RMB 10,000 to the children in help and hope it will help to them.

"Good morning baby" is initiated by Tianjin loving people, now 12 orphans live in the house, who are suffering from various diseases. All of them need surgical treatment and rehabilitation training after operation.. The same sky, they have no reason to suffer from the disease and the oppression of life; The same land, we have no reason to ignore them.

Our strength may be limited, but we will certainly be able to let the children feel the warmth of the community. Let us give a little love to these children and try our best to let these children to get a new home.

If you are interesed in the volunteer to help these children, kindly note the belown contact information.

Volunteer QQ group: 98010271

External contact Tel: 13299987848 the father of BeiBei,

13920041166 the father of DuoDuo,

To make an appointment call: 13920920302 kangaroo.

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