11-29 / 2017

Powdered activated carbon to remove the type and concentration of pollutants

Notice: When using powdered charcoal, adsorption tests must be carried out according to the type and density of removing contaminants , in order to determine the type of activated carbon and the desired amount of carbon powder. Before adding powdered charcoal, it should be noted that you should add to water firstly and then uniform it quantitatively. The longer they are exposed, the better decontamination effect is. When you use the powered activated carbon in the process , you should be aware of the following safety issues: when dust concentration reaches a certain percentage in case of fire prone, it is very easy to make fire. So it is prohibited smoking, sparks and fire in the operating room; And it should be avoided the oxidizer mixing ; Because of the small and light particles of  powered carbon , when it is used , please note the dust pollution. The operator should wear a dust mask to avoid breathing the lungs.

Powdered Activated Carbon Usage: It is widely used in food, medicine, chemical products MSG bleaching, cleaning purification and it is also used for water purification, a variety of amino acid industry, refined sugar bleaching, MSG industry, glucose industry, starch sugar industry chemical additives, dyes intermediates, food additives, drugs of high pigment solution bleaching, purification, deodorant, cleaning.

With the development of food, medicine, light industry, environmental protection, powdered activated carbon adsorption increases very rapidly in its consumption as a bleaching agent. During the early days of our country, annual production of activated carbon is only 30 tons, untill 1996, there are more than two hundred manufacturers in our coutry, the annual output of 130,000 tons.

Depending on the usage, powdered activated carbon can be made into powder and granular AC and granular activated carbon is divided stereotyped (Example: cylindrical, spherical, etc.) and non-stereotyped; Depending on the activator used in the production, it can be divided into Physical Activated Carbon and Chemical Activated Carbon; According to the production of raw materials, it can be divided into wood based activated carbon and coal based activated carbon. Because wood raw material has large porosity, internal cell organization and many natural porosity (ratio of surface area to make charcoal activator easy to enter, catalytic surface Big Easy living through, while coal is different )specific surface area of coal coke is much smaller than the one of the charcoal. In short, the bleaching chemical wood powdered activated carbon performs best, it is used in hydrolysis, fermentation, organic synthesis, sugar, pharmaceuticals, water purification, environmental protection and other fields and it is also used to remove color bodies, gum, odor absorption, to prevent liquid turbid, to remove the foam, to increase the evaporation rate of crystallization.

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