NAME Job Title E-mail what's up、Mobile Motto
General manager Pan Manager panlu@tjtywh.com.cn 13752035668
Customer first,serve first
Hedy Manager Assitant panweihong@tjtywh.com.cn 18672730620 Nothing is impossible
 Sales Team I 
Candy Sales Director candy@tjtwh.com.cn 18302203778 Cease to struggle and you cease to live
Hanson Sales hanson@tjtywh.com.cn 18222697287 Never Say Die
Alieen Sales alieen@tjtywh.com.cn 18522203570 If we dream, everything is possible
Linda Sales linda@tjtywh.com.cn 13821638079 Wasting time is robbing oneself
Sales Team Jason Sales Director jason@tjtywh.com.cn 13802048970  A little spark makes a great fire
Elva Sales elva@tjtywh.com.cn 15802279868  Only you can defeat you
Jessica Sales jessica@tjtywh.com.cn 15122978857 Nurture passes nature
Merry Sales merry@tjtywh.com.cn 15848412662 Where there is a will there is a way
Judy Sales judy@tjtywh.com.cn 15332076797 To be, for believing you can be
Marketing Department Amy Marketing Director sales@tjtywh.com.cn 13512012902  Grasp all, lose all

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